SEO analytics: The first step on your SEO roadmap


    To create an SEO roadmap that sets you on the right course you need to analyze your data.

    As an SEO analytics tool, Keyword Hero helps you get the full picture of how and what is happening on your website (including organic keywords).

    What is an SEO analytics tool?

    It is a tool that allows you to collect data relevant to acquiring qualified organic traffic. This involves measurement definition, implementation, and updates.

    An analytics tool helps you act on this data to grow engaged organic traffic and improve key performance metrics. This entails visualization and reporting, analysis, task planning, and execution.

    What SEO analytics is not?

    SEO analytics is different to keyword research.

    In SEO analytics, you use in-house data to better understand marketing efforts.

    In keyword research, you look at what users search for before your website starts ranking for it, or you look at the ranking positions of content published on websites (other than yours). These are two different stages of SEO.

    How does analytics help improve SEO?

    SEO analytics

    SEO analytics is centered on making data-based decisions. It eliminates bias from search engine initiatives. Having an effective SEO analytics process enables you to:

    • Know what’s going on at a granular level of analysis
    • Know why it is going on
    • Find gaps and opportunities
    • Recommend how you want to act on the insight
    • Estimate the expected outcome of the recommended action

    Properly set up and connected marketing tools allow you to understand specifically how SEO efforts lead to revenue.

    Make Google Analytics a data hub

    Google Search Console shows you what happened before the organic click on Google. Google Analytics shows you what happened after the click. Connecting the two (assuming your GA goals and engagement metrics are set up), will give you the complete picture.

    Enrich the picture by plugging in keyword data from Keyword Hero, on-page SEO data from Onpage Hero, engagement data from HotJar, or event data from anything that’s set up in GTM.

    Roadmap execution

    The execution phase of an SEO roadmap takes more time, resources and effort than the initial analytics phase. But without analytics, you will be restricted to incremental improvements.

    SEO analytics helps you to prioritize monthly tasks like the following.

    New website content

    • Write blog articles referencing specific top to mid-funnel keywords that you have discovered in the GA Organic Search report
    • Create new product pages based on keyword insights
    • Upgrade / optimize page content

    Enhance existing content

    • A Url on your website used to rank for a set of keywords, but the topic has changed, along with the keywords users typed into search engines. Add more content about the new keywords to your post

    Improve conversions

    • Check month-on-month page conversion rates for target keywords and see if the related landing pages need to be updated or if a new landing page could add value

    Tech & structural

    • Optimize the information architecture of the website. For example, Google Analytics behavior reports tell you that visitors have a high bounce rate while using particular search terms, which might be because there is a mismatch between search terms and page content

    This will help you understand how visitors think about your service, so you can tweak the site’s structure accordingly.

    There are many important things you can do once your keyword data has been uploaded back into Google Analytics from monitoring brand keyword performance to spotting quick win opportunities based on Serp positions.

    In SEO, measurement is critical to success and analytics should form the backbone of your SEO strategy.

    Daniel Schmeh
    For eight years Daniel Schmeh has been involved in online marketing, in the first years mainly with SEO, later more and more with web analytics and marketing automation.

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