You might have some questions about the Hero in general or about the data. Below you find 95% of the questions that reach us.

General Questions

Does Keyword Hero really work?

Yes, totally. The Hero is no scam, read here how he does it. We suggest you sign up for a free account to test him first.

Can anything go wrong?

Nothing can go wrong! The Hero doesn’t mess with your original Google Analytics account but creates a duplicate one with the data, so you and your data are absolutely safe!

What does he actually do?

He will map your users’ organic search terms to their sessions in Google Analytics. He also adds really cool new dimensions to your GA.

How does he do it?

It’s much about statistics and big data/ machine learning. Here you’ll find some more insights into how he does it.

Is Keyword Hero GDPR compliant?

Yes, absolutely. We are only working inside super compliant Google Analytics and add no PIIs ( personally identifiable information).

Does the Hero also work with Adobe Analytics, WebTrekk, or Piwik?

In principal yes, though he have not done implementations for these yet. If you are interested, just shoot us an email: support@keyword-hero.com.

Can I get data from the past?

No, we rely on too many data sources that are not available retrospectively.

Should I connect the SC to the new KWH property?

No, please don’t. The Search Console should stay connected to your original account.

Should I connect the Adwords to the new KWH property?

No, please don’t. You should use the Keyword Hero view only for SEO related analysis.

How do I disconnect the Hero from my accounts?

Just go into your Google permissions settings and disconnect the guy.

Billing and subscriptions

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. You will only be billed for the current month.

I want to upgrade or downgrade?

Just go here, click on the gear icon next to the domain and select “change settings”, then go to step 4. Now you change the plan and click “Save”. Read this if you need more help.

How do I cancel my account?

Just go here, click on the gear icon next to the domain and select “change settings”, then go to step 4. Now you select the Little Hero plan and click “Save”. Also, you can deactivate your domain by choosing “Deactivate domain” after clicking on the gear icon.

What is the right plan for me?

We wrote an entire article covering this question, check it out here.

We're an agency. Do you have a different pricing model?

Yes, for agencies and those with many domains, we have both discounted prices and flat fees. Reach out to us at agencies@keyword-hero.com.

Where can I get my invoices?

You can find your invoices in your profile under billing.

Data questions

When will I get the first data?

You’ll have your first data within 24 hours and it will be uploaded once per day.

What will I see?

Apart from the keywords you will see all metrics that you’re used to from Google Analytics, such as BR, time on site, etc. and all transactional data, such as revenue, etc., which you can correlate with the keywords. Also, the Hero adds new and great dimensions.

Why is there a difference in the data?

The Keyword Hero data has a latency of three days, so it’s three days behind, make sure to take that into account. So when looking the Keyword Hero data of today () you really see the data of .

Why do I not get today's data?

The Hero relies on a number of data sources to match the keywords to your session. Some of these data sources come with a lag of up to three days. So, today () you really see the data of .

Why is there a difference in users?

Keyword Hero doesn’t transmit any cookie information, so GA thinks that each session is a new user. So please compare sessions and not users!

Keyword questions

Where do I see the keywords?

The keywords are in the new Keyword Hero property in your GA account. Read here how to work with it.
To get there, either click here and select “View Analytics” or

1. Go to your Google Analytics account.
2. Select the Keyword Hero property (click on the GA logo in the top left and select Keyword Hero – your domain).
3. Go to Acquisition > Overview > Organic Search.
4. Choose today and a day or two as the time frame.

Should I connect the SC to the new KWH property?

No, please don’t. The Search Console should stay connected to your original account.

What can I do to improve the match rate?

There are a couple of things you can do, to help the Hero match your data better:

Do you have both an HTTP and HTTPS property of the Search Console? Make sure that both are in the Search Console account that the Hero has access to and select them in step 2 of the set-up. (Go here, click on the gear icon next to the domain and select “change settings”, then go to step 2).

Also, use the last click attribution model ((Go here, click on the gear icon next to the domain and select “Use last click attribution”).
A clean setup of Google Analytics has a big impact on the matching rate of the Keyword Hero. Improve your account’s quality by setting up spam filters and make sure your landing pages’ tracking codes work properly.

This didn't improve my match rate so much?

The match rate will significantly improve over time as we use historic data to train our algorithm. If after four weeks, you’re still below 70% mapped keywords, please reach out to us.

What do all these new keywords mean?

The Hero classifies the keywords he can’t resolve:

(not provided)_bing = unresolved traffic from Bing.
(not provided)_yahoo = unresolved traffic from Yahoo.
(automatic matching) = AdWords information.
(not provided)_subdomain_add_searchconsole = This is traffic to a subdomain. Go to step 2 of the setup process and add Search Consoles for all subdomains that belong to that account.

Goals and conversions

Why do I not see any conversions in my Keyword Hero property?

Conversion tracking is only available in paid plans. If you have a paid plan and you still see no conversions, make sure that you have selected the correct  Goal or Conversion in step 1 of the setup (Go here, click on the gear icon next to the domain and select “change settings”, then go to step 1, select it above the “Save” button and click “Save”).

Can I analyze more than one Goal?

Currently not but it’s on our roadmap.

I selected a Goal in step 1 and still don't see anything?

Likely you have changed something in the Goal settings of the Keyword Hero property. Make sure it looks like described here. If this was not the problem, please reach out to us with your domain and email: support@keyword-hero.com

Upload property

Why do I have to create a new property?

We don’t want to mess with your main GA account and hence create a new one.

I can't create a new property?

This means that you don’t have edit permissions for the GA account. You can

  1. Switch accounts (click the button CHANGE ACCOUNT)
  2. Open a new GA account.
  3. Get edit permissions on account level ( Go to your Google Analytics account > Admin > User Management).
I have edit permissions but still can't create a new property?

In 100% of the cases, you have edit permissions on property level, not on account level. However, to create a new property, you need account level permissions. To give it to yourself, please go to your Google Analytics account > Admin > User Management.

Error Handling

I can't set up an account?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial talking about you best set up Keyword Hero.

GA tells me that there is a tracking code mismatch?

Don’t worry. GA can’t find the Analytics.js on your website and shows this warning. You don’t have to do anything and it will disappear within a couple of days.

I stopped getting data?

Go to your profile, click on the gear icon next to the domain and select change settings. Now just follow the setup funnel once more. If you still won’t get data the next days, reach out to us support@keyword-hero.com.

GA says: Data volume exceeds the GA limit?

This means you got too much traffic for the free GA account. But don’t worry, follow these steps and you should be fine!

Updated on March 9, 2022

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