Your first steps with the Hero

You got the Hero? Great! Let us show you how you get started.


After you’ve installed the Hero, you’ll have to wait a bit. The Hero uploads your data once a day, so it might take up to 24 hours for you to see data in the Keyword Hero property.

You find all keywords in your new Google Analytics property. The Hero automatically creates it in step 3 of your set-up process.
It’s called “Keyword Hero – {YOUR DOMAIN}”.

You get there by clicking on the Analytics logo in the top left corner in your Google Analytics account and selecting it.

To see your keywords, you select in the left menu
1. Acquisition, 2. Overview and finally 3. Organic Search. 

This is where you will see all your keywords on the left. Beware that the data that you see from today is really the data from three days ago. To not get confused, you can add the secondary dimension “Date”, but more on secondary dimensions later.


Great, you’ve come that far!
Now it’s about making something out of what you see. But what do you see?

Essentially, you see a copy of your Google Analytics account with all keywords. This allows you to see all behavioral  (e.g. time on site) and transactional metrics (e.g. conversions) per keyword.

This is a typical Keyword Hero account. Instead of >95% of all keywords being (not provided), the number has been reduced to an insanely low 1.84%.
All matched keywords are with a very high probability true! In more than half of all sessions, the Hero is certain that the shown keyword is attributed correctly. For the remainder, the threshold of probability is 83%.

In more than half of all sessions, the Hero is certain that the attributed keyword is the right one. For the remainder, the threshold of probability is 83%

You will also see a couple of other keywords in your keyword list, some of them are new.

(not set) = this is a tracking error or spam. To see how to get rid of it,
(not provided)_host_unknown = traffic to a subdomain that is not yet handled by the Keyword Hero (will be visible in soon)
(not provided)_bing = traffic from Bing (will be visible in 5 weeks)
(automatic matching) = AdWords


Now that you see all them keywords, searching for them actually makes sense again!

You can use the search box to find terms that you think are meaningful. This could be your brand for example. To see all keywords and phrases that contain your brand, just search for it and make sure to increase the results per page in the bottom right corner.


Secondary dimensions are a great way to correlate your data with other metrics to get even more insights into how your users behave. The Keyword Hero uses them to send you even more meaningful info with each session.

The Keyword Hero uses Google Analytics’ secondary dimensions feature to push other valuable information into your new Keyword Hero property. 

He’s going to add more and more but for starters, there are the following parameters that you can use:

  1. Date: as the data in the Keyword Hero property has a latency of three days, one dimension is used to transfer you the real date of each session.
  2. Position: This is the position of your site in the SERPs. If you see a 1, you were the first one on Google, a 12 means, that you were the second one on the second page of the results.

You can activate secondary dimensions by clicking on the button of the same name.

In this example below, we used “Device category” to see how the distribution of searches was across different devices (mobile/tablet/desktop).

If you see that a keyword converts much better on mobile phones, for example, you can ask yourself whether you should work on the user experience on desktop PCs and vice versa.


You can add the secondary dimensions position to monitor your keywords and on which position in the SERPS your site ranks for them.

The Keyword Hero makes it really easy for you to build your own ranking monitor. If you add the secondary dimension “position”, you can do lots of cool stuff:

  1. You can monitor your ranking per keyword on a daily and ongoing basis.
  2. And you can even check whether you mobile ranking differs from your desktop ranking.
  3. Also, you’ll see how Google’s more and more personalized result affect you and your business.


Spotting those keywords and search phrases that could have a real impact is pretty simple – if you use the Hero…

There is lots and lots of hidden potential that the Keyword Hero helps you reveal. Essentially what you want, is to rank for keywords that make you money and pull traffic – the Hero helps you find those – as explained above.
But there might some keywords, that convert well but you’re just not seeing many users using them, yet!

These keywords are really interesting and sorting your keywords by the secondary dimension “position”, you should look for those that are on positions >10.
These are the keywords that are on the second page of Google’s search results. If you spot keywords that already pull some traffic, convert well and are in position 11, you know what to do:
Optimize your content for those keywords and you’ll quickly rank on Google’s first page, resulting in vastly more traffic.