Setting up a new Analytics account in an existing Google account


If you don’t have the necessary permissions, at least “Edit”, the Hero can’t create a new upload property for your keyword data.

You can solve this by creating a new Analytics account that’s linked to your existing Google profile. In the new account, you’ll automatically have “Admin” rights and the Hero can create your Keyword property.

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account
  2. Select “Admin” at the bottom of the left sidebar
  3. In the left drop-down, choose “Create new account”
  1. The set up page of your new account pops up
  1. Add all requested information and click “Get Tracking ID” (just click it, you don’t need the Tracking ID for the Hero).
  2. In your Keyword Hero account, below “3. Upload Account” you’ll find your newly created Google Analytics account, which you’ll select. The Hero will create a new upload property, where you’ll see all keyword data.