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Share custom Dashboards and Reports in GA

Keyword Hero comes with several custom reports and dashboards that make SEO much easier as they combine several data points in a single view. You can even create custom dashboards yourself, too. But how do you share these dashboards with your colleagues?

Share custom dashboards

1. Go to your Dashboards

Check first which Dashboards are already shared by selecting the “Dashboards” link in the customization tab:

select dashboards from the customization tab in

2. Check whether they are shared

In the rightmost column, you’ll see whether the dashboard is shared or private.
see shared settings in the rightmost column

3. Share the private boards

To share a dashboard, click on the dashboard and select “Share Object”

sharing custom dashboards in Google Analytics


Share custom reports

Unfortunately, Google Analytics doesn’t allow you to share custom reports at the moment, so ask your colleague to install the reports here herself.

Updated on November 30, 2020

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