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Using Hero’s Google Data Studio Report

Connect Google Data Studio

Before you starting using our Google Data Studio (GDS) template with Keyword Hero, we highly recommend adding a new data source based on the Keyword Hero View in GA. This article walks you through the necessary steps to do this.

  1. Go to https://datastudio.google.com/
    After you’ve created an account, click on „Data Sources“.

    Google data studio welcome

  2. Once you’re in the „Data Sources“ tab, click on the + in the bottom right corner to add a new data source.

    Google data studio create datasource

  3. Now you are in the “Connector View”. First, give your data source a name (we chose “Keyword Hero view”), so you’ll know which one to select. Next, select Google Analytics as connectorOnce you’ve given GDS access to your Google Analytics account, you see all Google Analytics properties displayed that you have access to.

    Google data studio datasource connector

  4. Now, select your Google Analytics Account, Property, and View. Usually, that is the Keyword View, which Keyword Hero created automatically for you. Then click on Connect.

    Google data studio analytics view

  5. In the next step, you see all dimensions and metrics, which are transferred from Google Analytics. Please do not change anything here!

    Google data studio analytics connencor fields

Create calculated metric

Next you have to do, is create the „Avg. Position“ as a Calculated Metric.

  1. Please click on the ADD A FIELD button in the top right corner.

    Google data studio add_field

  2. You now see the formula editor, where you name the field “Avg. Position“.

    Google data studio field editor

  3. Now enter „position / session“ as formula and click on SAVE in the bottom right corner.

    Google data studio field formula

Now you have created the new data source and can add any of our Google Data Studio reports.

Updated on January 14, 2019

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