You find all relevant texts about implementing and using the Keyword Hero here:

  • Attribution Models

    GA vs. Last Direct

    GA’s standard attribution model is not the model of choice for SEOs. We show you how you can get better insights and more accurate data.
  • Choosing the right plan

    Choosing the right plan

    Learn to check how you best select the plan most suitable for your website.

  • Creating a new Analytics Property

    Creating a new GA Property

    We’ll show you how you create a new Property in your Analytics in 2 minutes.

  • Finding your Analytics View ID

    Finding your GA View ID

    To know where he should push your keyword data, the Hero needs your View ID. We show you where to find it.

  • Data upload Settings

    Data Upload Settings

    We’ll show you how you see and enter your new Property ID in your Hero settings.

  • E-Commerce Tracking in Google Analytics

    eCommerce tracking in GA

    We’ll show you how you see and enter your new Property ID in your Hero settings.

  • Finding your GA Goal ID

    Finding your GA Goal ID

    In case you want the Hero to analyze a specific goal for you, you need its ID. Learn how to get it!

  • Goal Tracking in GA

    Goal tracking in GA

    Find out how to set up Goal tracking in your mirrored Google Analytics account.

  • Setting Up Search Console correctly

    Setting up Search Console correctly

    In this text, we show you how to set up the SC in the correct way, with special emphasis on HTTPS versions of your site in it.

  • New GA account in an existing Google account

    Setting up a new GA account in a existing G account

    If you don’t have the necessary permissions, at least “Edit”, the Hero can’t create a new upload property for your keyword data. We show you how to solve this.