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Ranking and keyword performance across devices in GA4

Ever since Google’s big mobile update – the infamous Mobilegeddon – SEO became far more complicated as there are now two “big” device categories: “mobile” and “desktop”.

Tablet use is also relevant, and these users again behave differently.

Monitoring rankings and performance of keywords across multiple device categories has become increasingly difficult.

Keyword Hero helps you to split your organic keywords across devices, so you can compare them and analyze them.

Splitting keywords across devices

To divide your keywords into device categories, you need to first log into Keyword Hero and click on the “View Analytics” button.

Next, select “device_category” as the secondary dimension.

Now it’s effortless to analyze the performance of individual keywords or keyword clusters.

Equipped with this information you can make data-driven decisions that will result in more sales for your business.

You can zoom in further on an individual keyword by adjusting the filter.

In the example below, more than half of people that search for “buy roses”, perform that search on mobile devices.

Although this shows potential — the data reveals that mobile users have significantly worse metrics, both behavioral as well as transactional, compared to tablet and desktop users.

That means that there is a massive potential to generate more sales if the site gets optimized for mobile.

Updated on May 17, 2023

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