1. Working at Keyword Hero

Working at Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero organically acquired more than 50k businesses within a year of its launch that want to dive deep into their organic keyword metrics. He is used by large to enterprise clients that know how to work with massive amounts of raw data.

While Keyword Hero looks like a fun and unassuming guy, he’s powered by cutting-edge data science: Every day he analyses >1TB of raw data to solve one of the most pressing problems in online marketing, the attribution from organic search phrase to subsequent sessions.

Keyword Hero uses an API-only strategy and makes data available in GA and other tools without maintaining a front-end on its own. He’s funded by some of the leading global VCs, most notably Up2398, Social+Capital, and Techstars Ventures and has a seriously committed team behind him, that he likes to expand from time to time.

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